Session 12: The Second Coming on Judgment Day

In this session, I demonstrate that Christ comes again on the last day to destroy this Genesis creation, create the new heavens and new earth, and sit on his Great White Throne to judge all mankind. The raptured sons of God—asleep or alive—will be resurrected into immortal bodies like his glorified body and taken to the Father’s eternal kingdom of heaven. At the same time, unbelievers will be resurrected from Hades and sentenced to the eternal lake of fire. For unbelievers who do not know Christ, his return will be unexpected and sudden, like a thief in the night—just as was his judgment of unbelievers in the days of Noah and Sodom. They were living ordinary lives when judgment suddenly came upon them. However, for believers who do know him, his return will not be a surprise. They will be expecting him.