Session 13: The New Heavens and New Earth

In this session, I will examine the nature of the new heavens and new earth, as well as the New Jerusalem that comes down to the new earth after the Genesis earth is destroyed. The eternal city represents a real place for the glorified saints who will have real resurrected bodies. We just do not know what the New Jerusalem will be like, any more than we can know what kind of bodies we will have after they are transformed to be like Christ’s ascended body. I will also discuss the way in which John portrays the New Jerusalem as the bride of Christ that has been purified and rewarded for its good deeds. We are engaged to Christ today, but on the last day, the wedding is consummated as the New Jerusalem comes down out of heaven from the Father, who gives the bride away to be joined to Christ. John uses two aspects of the Roman world as metaphors to describe the eternal city: a Roman bride dressed in fine linen and adorned from head to toe in gold and precious stones on her wedding day, combined with a magnificent Roman city.