Session 17: The Seventy Weeks in Daniel

In this session, I explore Daniel’s famous vision of the “seventy weeks” found in chapter 9 as it relates to Christ’s Olivet Discourse. This vision provides an excellent summary and outline of the events involving the temple that lead up to the restoration of Israel and its temple in the messianic kingdom. Daniel was praying for the fulfillment of God’s promise that, one day, Jerusalem and its temple would be restored. As he prays, he is given a vision of the future of Israel and its temple. I will make the case that there are two desolations of the temple predicted by Daniel and alluded to by Christ: (1) the desolation of the temple by the Romans, and (2) the future desolation of a rebuilt temple by the Antichrist. According to Daniel’s vision, once the Antichrist is destroyed, the temple will be restored, and the messianic kingdom will begin.