Session 3: Method of Interpreting the Scriptures—Part 1, Understanding the Adamic Order of Being

In this session, I describe my method of interpreting and organizing the Scriptures when developing a theology of the future. To understand the kingdom of God on earth and then in heaven, it is important to understand and maintain the two distinct orders of being, their defining characteristics, and their corresponding kingdoms.

The Adamic order of being represents humanity with natural, mortal bodies designed for marriage. The new order of being as children of God represents a new creation who, after being raptured, will have immortal bodies and will not experience marriage. This new creation is not a “re-creation” of the Adamic order of being; otherwise, there would be marriage in heaven. The Adamic order of being comes to an end when this Genesis creation comes to an end. The new creation as children of God is truly a new order of being whose form and function are unknown until we experience the final resurrection.