Session 6: A Critique of Premillennialism

In this session, I demonstrate how premillennialism compares to the chart developed in the previous session. Premillennialists have a noble objective. They are attempting to affirm the Son’s messianic kingdom. They believe that, because Christ ascended to heaven without establishing his messianic kingdom while he was on this earth, he must return to this earth a second time to accomplish this mission before he ushers in the Father’s eternal kingdom.

However, there is overwhelming biblical evidence that Christ’s second coming occurs not at the beginning of the millennium, but on the very last day of this Genesis creation to usher in the eternal age to come. This will occur at the final resurrection of all mankind when Christ sits on his Great White Throne to judge the world. The saints, or the sheep, will be raptured into their eternal bodies and will inherit eternal life on the eternal new earth. Unbelievers, or the goats, will be resurrected from Hades and will inherit the eternal lake of fire.