Session 7: A Critique of Amillennialism and Postmillennialism

In this session, I demonstrate how amillennialism and postmillennialism compare to the chart of God’s plans for the future. Amillennialists claim that there is no millennium. They have Christ’s second coming in the right place, but they have a Messiah without his messianic kingdom. The world remains an evil age until the last day, even though Christ teaches that there will be an age of righteous humanity on a restored Edenic earth before the saints inherit eternal life on the new earth.

Postmillennialists have the second coming in the right place, but they have a watered-down messianic kingdom, which is of no value to any of the departed saints. Peter and the disciples will only inherit the eternal kingdom of heaven at the final resurrection, even though Jesus promised them that they would inherit the regenerated earth and an Edenic paradise in this age before he comes again to take them to heaven.